Creating names that endure

Naming gets more difficult every day with more than 100 million .com addresses already registered. But choosing a name based on URL availability is never a wise choice. The name of your company or product can be a significant asset or liability in today’s environment of short attention spans and low click-thru rates.

Signal develops corporate and product names that are relevant, compelling, easy to remember and ready to trademark. Contact us to learn more about our highly successful, proprietary approach to name development.

AffirmX Logo

This compliance management services provider began operating under the name NeighborBench. Signal helped to re-launch the company as AffirmX in February 2014. The new name provides greater relevance and scalability to new markets.

Building Wellness

A provider of green building training and consulting, this organization used to be Penguin Care. Signal created Building Wellness Institute to promote the idea that green buildings positively impact the health of its occupants.

Cafesano Logo

What do you call a Mediterranean café that serves delicious food that’s good for you? Signal developed the name Cafesano by combining Café with sano, the Italian word for health, to lend the Café name its wholesome, international flair.

Content Analyst

Signal created the name Content Analyst for this spinout from SAIC to capture the company’s ability to analyze the concepts contained within unstructured data and text files. The original name was LSI, for Latent Semantic Indexing.


System Detection needed a new name under wich to launch its powerful new security platform. Signal combined two words that are rooted in industry vernacular—Counter, as in counterterrorism, and Storm, as in Internet storm.

Customer Chemistry

One our all-time favorites, Customer Chemistry is the name Signal created for a technology company that used data analytics to predict when customers are most likely to upgrade, buy another product or churn.


Signal created the CyberM3 brand for Booz Allen Hamilton’s proprietary framework that helps organizations Manage, Measure and Mature their cybersecurity ecosystems.

Booz Allen Hamilton

Created as a sister brand to Booz Allen Hamilton’s CyberM3 product, Cyber4Sight is an innovative threat intelligence solution that provides predictive indications of the likelihood, severity and source of an attack.


DemandBridge, originally known as TopForm, provides eProcurement technology that links print buyers and print services providers.

Healthful Building

The Healthful Buildings Program promotes standards and best practices in responsible environmental stewardship for schools, colleges and office buildings.

Global Integrity

Signal rebranded Integrity Systems as Global Integrity in 1997. When SAIC sold the company in 2001 for $106M, $30M of the purchase price was for brand equity.


Formerly Secure Command, Invincea creates solutions for combating advanced cyber security attacks. Invincea was voted “Most Innovative Company of the Year” at the 2011 RSA Conference.


Personify, formerly TMA Reosurces, helps associations and non-profits build stronger relationships with their constituents. The name helps unify all products and services under a single “reason for being.”

Promise Mark

Founded in 2000, Promisemark pioneered Internet Protection Plans that enabled computer retailers and credit card companies to assuage consumer fears about the risks of online computing.

Protected Mobility

Protected Mobility offers encrypted texting solutions for commercial and government personnel requiring advanced protection for their communications.


The name StackSafe was created for a provider of virtual environments for the safe, pre-production testing of enterprise applications.


Signal created the name Synchris for a proposal management software provider that synchronizes the efforts of everyone involved in the bid and proposal development process.


Triumfant, formerly Chorus Systems, provides automated threat detection and remediation technology. The company’s solutions give IT operations personnel the ability to triumph over escalating security incidents and support costs.

Trusted Insight

After SAIC sold commercial security services provider Global Integrity, they engaged Signal to brand a new division to take its place. The name Trusted Insight reflected SAIC’s deep roots within the security community.