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In 2012, NeighborBench set out to transform the way Credit Unions manage regulatory compliance. Their unique idea, later awarded a patent, was to integrate cloud-based access to compliance experts with easy-to-use workflow and business process management tools. The solution caught on quickly, with more than 50 credit unions adopting the platform within a year.

At the end of 2013, the company realized that their platform could address significant compliance management challenges in many other industries. But the name NeighborBench, rooted in the highly collaborative nature of the credit union community, would not scale to new markets such as commercial banking, pharmaceuticals, gaming and others.

Signal rebranded the company as AffirmX, and developed positioning, differentiation and messaging around compliance challenges that afflict all regulated industries: reduce compliance workloads, anxieties and costs. Over a 90-day period, we redesigned all existing web properties and demand-generation vehicles, developed a new product brand, and created the Risk Watch brand for a weekly series of video episodes offering expert tips and advisories. The company successfully re-launched in late February 2014 as AffirmX, and their sister company formerly NB Risk Partners, was re-introduced as AdivisX.

Today, the company’s highly efficient approach to helping organizations save time and money managing ever-changing compliance requirements, combined with a robust program for thought leadership, has paved the way for significant growth and new partnerships for developing additional market segments.