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Brainbench Brand and Promise of Value Still Thriving After 16 Years and Three Changes in Ownership

In 1998, Brainbench, a start-up devoted to building online tests for measuring the skills of IT professionals, tasked Signal with creating a branding and marketing strategy that would help the company become a leader in this nascent market category. Over the next several years, we provided Brainbench with a wide range of support services for its web presence, advertising, new product launches, thought leadership and demand generation campaigns.

Between 2006 and 2012, the company was acquired by an Australian company, then merged with a UK company, and finally acquired by Corporate Executive Board (CEB), the world’s leading member-based advisory company.

In 2013, one of the original Brainbench founders, Mike Littman, engaged Signal to help redesign the Brainbench website and transaction portal. In an era where good ideas can be short-lived, we were overjoyed to discover that the original Brainbench promise of value, developed by Signal in 1998, was still very much alive.

Skills measurement provides powerful tools for helping individuals advance their careers and businesses develop competitive advantage.

Presented here are screen grabs from the new 2013 Brainbench site along with some of favorite examples from the all too distant past.