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Signal Helps Launch Building Wellness Institute to Support Environmental Health and Sustainability

In February 2009, Daycon Products Company, Inc., one of the largest regional cleaning and maintenance suppliers on the East Coast, approached Signal to develop a comprehensive marketing, branding and positioning strategy to re-launch the company’s green cleaning training division, PenguinCare as an independent organization. Signal named the new company “Building Wellness Institute” to capture its unique position as a leader in green cleaning training and related certification services. The associated tagline, “Creating a healthy environment from the inside out,” communicated the new company’s mission of protecting health and the environment.

Signal’s comprehensive marketing strategy for the Building Wellness Institute also served as a business blueprint that defined all potential markets, outlined the sales and management structure, “productized” all training and consulting offerings, and developed a pipeline of new products designed to disseminate green cleaning best practices and related information. Through a robust website, new collateral and sales tools, Signal’s campaign has successfully differentiated the Building Wellness Institute as the nation’s leading provider of training and support for cleaning to protect health and the environment.