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Customer Chemistry Translates New Go-to-Market Strategy into Increased Sales Opportunities

In early 2006, outsourced IT services provider DHSoft approached Signal Marketing to launch a new software and professional services division. Over the previous three years, DHSoft had helped a leading telecommunications company optimize its marketing and churn reduction efforts, resulting in a $1 billion increase in revenues. These results came from the application of predictive analytics, a mathematical process for determining the propensities of customer behavior.

The challenge for Signal was to develop a go-to-market strategy for the new division, along with a new corporate name and marketing communications infrastructure. Less than 90 days after engaging Signal, DHSoft launched Customer Chemistry. The promise of value driving Customer Chemistry’s marketing strategy, which targets leading telecommunications and financial services companies, is encapsulated in a simple question and answer that serve as the foundation for all communications: “Do you know which of your customers are most likely to switch, buy more or upgrade?” Within 60 days of the launch, Customer Chemistry was able to translate the new branding and go-to-market campaign into a pipeline of six proposals with target prospects.

Customer Chemistry was acquired by Agilex in 2008.