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Cyveillance Defines a New Category and Is Acquired Two Years Later

Cyveillance provides online intelligence that helps companies protect infrastructure, information, individuals and interactions. Since 1997, Cyveillance has been delivering intelligence about Internet-based threats. In 2006 the company wanted to take its marketing efforts to the next level.

Signal was asked to accomplish three specific objectives. Develop a simple answer to the question: What does Cyveillance do? Replace the company’s start-up image with a new brand platform for positioning the company as an industry leader. Finally, create an emotional connection to attract Fortune 500 companies wanting to protect their reputations online. Underlying these objectives was a larger purpose. Principal investors, who had seen Cyveillance through a decade of development, wanted an exit through acquisition.

Signal accomplished these goals by defining a new market category: Cyber Intelligence. The new tagline positioned Cyveillance as “the world leader in cyber intelligence,” a statement of fact that was easily substantiated. The new Cyveillance logo cleverly symbolized the company’s ability to “keep an eye on the world” of Internet threats. The new branding campaign validated this leadership position in a compelling manner with headlines such as, “Who provides the cyber intelligence that keeps Fortune 50 company executives from losing sleep at night?”

Two years after the new campaign was launched, Cyveillance was acquired by defense and intelligence giant QinitiQ. We’re pleased that investors got the exit they were looking for, but overjoyed that the entire brand platform survived the acquisition unchanged and continues to drive growth for Cyveillance today.