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Daycon Achieves Growth in a Down Market through Value-Added Services

Over the past decade, regional product distribution companies have faced huge challenges, including “disintermediation” from online suppliers and encroachment by large national competitors that promise logistical and pricing advantages for large buyers.

A family-owned company founded in 1942, Daycon has managed to overcome these challenges and achieve growth—despite the economic downturn—by creating value-added services for customers. The company manufactures and distributes cleaning products and equipment to cleaning service providers, office buildings, apartment communities, schools and universities. But what sets Daycon apart from competitors is the problems that it “owns” for customers through innovative service offerings.

Signal’s work for Daycon began at the divisional level, progressed to a revamp of the corporate website in 2010, and continues today with ongoing marketing support for the company’s various programs.

Among our most successful programs are two innovative new business development tools that foster engagement early on in the sales cycle–outside the realm of conventional RFP and procurement processes. The Daycon Facilities Maintenance Optimization Program is a 20-page workbook that helps Daycon representatives identify client challenges in the areas of operations efficiency, sustainability and quality control. For Daycon’s supply chain management division, Signal developed an audit tool that estimates savings from the adoption of best practices for inventory management and procurement.