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DigiFlight Rebrands to Differentiate in Government Contracting Space

The defense industry has never been conductive to the development of effective marketing communications campaigns. While a few of the largest players have created excellent campaigns, the vast majority of contractors field homegrown initiatives that broadly represent capabilities in order to capture as many bid opportunities as possible. This often obscures unique and differentiated capabilities.

DigiFlight is a minority- and veteran-owned government contractor that provides technology support services to the defense and intelligence communities. From the start of our engagement to create a new integrated marketing campaign for DigiFlight, the Signal team was determined to let clear and simple messaging and strong visual appeal drive our efforts.

The company’s new tagline delivers DigiFlight’s promise of value, which is based on the adoption of agile development and testing processes: Accelerate Mission Success. The “F” letterform in the company’s name was modified to subtly create a wing, animating both the name and promise of value.

The brand palette colors of blue and orange are echoed throughout all communications components, and primary imagery is overlaid with abstract grid elements to convey high-tech sophistication.

The DigiFlight campaign offered the Signal team an opportunity to revisit the fundamental principles of effective communications design that are often overlooked in this market segment.