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Unifying Student Mobility in Higher Education

Founded in 2008, DubLabs spent its first several years of existence getting to know the mobile needs of colleges and universities. By late 2014, they had cracked the code on a technical approach that resonated with 100+ schools, but their differentiation and positioning didn’t measure up.

In December 2014, DubLabs hired a new CEO, Tony Orlando, whose prior company–Personify–was acquired by a private equity firm. Having worked closely with Signal on rebranding for Personify, Tony wasted no time getting Signal engaged at DubLabs.

In just 90 days, DubLabs was repositioned and rebranded with a new promise of value: Unify student mobility to improve engagement, performance and retention. By focusing on the $64B attrition problem that afflicts all colleges and universities today, we were able to demonstrate how IT departments could deliver measureable strategic value by using the mobile channel to help students succeed.