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Overcoming Federal HR Frustrations

FHR Navigator was an enterprise HR platform designed for agencies of the U.S. federal government. In early 2015, the company hired Signal to help rebrand and reposition the platform for growth and category leadership.

Interviews with customers and prospects revealed that HR professionals are spending significant portions of time every day on low-value, manual tasks that result from the existence of disconnected HR systems. This increases paperwork and error rates, and keeps HR professionals from more important work.

Signal re-launched the platform under a new brand, FedHR Navigator, in April 2015. While the new website and collateral focus on the frustrations of HR practitioners, a consultative sales program helps agencies benchmark just how much time is being wasted. Signal developed the assessment tool and consultative sales program that has enabled the FedHR Navigator team to identify time savings that can pay for the platform in 9 months or less.