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Healthful Buildings Program Promotes Responsible Environmental Stewardship

Signal’s work in the sustainability field began with our support in founding the Building Wellness Institute in 2009. Building owners and facility managers often told us that one of their greatest challenges was communicating the benefits of responsible green stewardship to their stakeholders. The Healthful Buildings Partnership was developed in response to this need.

The Healthful Buildings Partnership is a coalition of building owners, managers and service providers who are committed to adhering to stringent national standards for protecting health and the environment. Participation in the program is open to office buildings, schools, universities and facilities that successfully complete an audit of best practices and policies. Upon acceptance into the program, participants are entitled to use a variety of Healthful Buildings communications tools and support services.

The problem that this program was created to address extends beyond meeting the communications needs of facilities that embrace responsible environmental stewardship. “Green washing” is a term that refers to the promotion of unsubstantiated claims of environmental benefit. The practice has become so widespread that it was addressed by a recent set of guidelines released by the Federal Trade Commission. Healthful Buildings helps combat green washing through the adoption of scientific standards developed by Green Seal™, one of the nation’s oldest and largest providers of environmental standards and certifications.