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Protected Mobility Launches Maiden Product for Secure Texting

In the wake of WikiLeaks, consider the following facts. People under 30 are much more likely to send a text message than make a phone call. Texting is fast, easy and efficient. But text messages are easily intercepted with inexpensive and readily available hacking tools. Field personnel working for government, law enforcement and first responder agencies are prohibited from texting on the job because of the significant security risks.

Protected Mobility developed a secure texting solution that meets government security requirements and is incredibly easy to use. Signal created the Protected Mobility brand identity to position it as a “cool app” for individuals who require maximum security and privacy. The symbol is a modern adaptation of the ancient steel throwing stars that were the hallmark of the Japanese ninja.

In 2011, Protected Mobility became the first mobile application provider to achieve FIPS Government Certification for cross-platform encryption for Apple and Android operating systems. The company was awarded a patent in 2013 for secure enablement of a SMS gateway via cloud computing.