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Rivet Logic Achieves Sustainable Growth through New Branding and Marketing Platform

Founded in 2007, Rivet Logic has gained a reputation as one of the nation’s leading open source systems integrators. The company’s deep technical savvy and solutions-driven culture has netted a blue-chip client list and a steady stream of referrals. However, increasing competition in the open source space combined with the demands of the company’s strategic partners to fuel sales growth prompted Rivet Logic to develop a marketing strategy that would help the young company distinguish itself from an increasingly crowded field.

In February 2008, Rivet Logic tapped Signal to help spur growth through a comprehensive brand and marketing strategy. Signal responded with a complete corporate “makeover” that successfully captured Rivet Logic’s greatest assets—innovation, strong partner relationships, deep technical knowledge, and high-integrity culture. Through a fully featured website, in-depth case studies, white papers on thought leadership, and a Web 2.0 community strategy, Signal’s campaign successfully communicated Rivet Logic’s unique ability to deliver open source platforms that enable business end-users to improve processes, knowledge workflow, content creation, and collaboration. The new tagline—Artisans of Open Source—was inspired by the customers’ high regard for the company’s culture of craftsmanship.

In 2013, Rivet Logic engaged Signal to create the branding and go-to-market campaign for Crafter Software, its open source platform for web content and experience management.