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Reinventing Brand Strategy for a Market Leader

After more than two decades of market leadership in the field of recruitment marketing for colleges and universities, Royal & Company faced a unique challenge. When a New York Times blogger observed that several marketing packages sent to his college-bound daughter were created by Royall & Company, the company was forced to reevaluate its public persona.

The negative media exposure that ensued caused Royall & Company to reinvent its brand strategy. Until then, the company actively promoted the fact that its college recruitment campaigns produced results that were usually twice as high as the campaigns produced by in-house recruitment departments.

Signal Marketing was engaged to assist Royall & Company’s brand reinvention. Our solution focused not on the results of Royall & Company’s techniques, but on their effectiveness at reaching, attracting and engaging the most attractive candidates. Real high school seniors were recruited to become the new face of the company. The campaign, which unified all online, print, electronic and conference communications, featured students making direct eye contact with the camera, challenging the viewer to “Reach Me,” “Engage Me,” and “Attract Me.”

Three years after it was launched, the brand campaign is still being used by Royall & Company to promote its market leading recruitment services.