The Marketing Prowess You Need to Succeed

Looking for a marketing partner with the track record, depth of experience and passion to help deliver on your vision of becoming the industry leader? Signal provides expertise in go-to-market strategy, content development, design and technology to help organizations bring their promise of value to life through a unified marketing program that integrates all communications initiatives into a comprehensive results-driven framework.

Signal develops complete go-to-market campaigns for launching new companies, products, services or divisions; provides outsourcing of ongoing marketing communications programs; and delivers marketing communications project fulfillment for the full spectrum of electronic and print media.


Hit the Ground Running with a Go-to-Market Campaign by Signal

Take advantage of a proven approach for successfully launching or re-launching your company, division, product or service. Signal’s proprietary approach to strategy development and compressed campaign development cycles enable you to hit the ground running. From a new name and logo (if needed) to website, collateral and sales tools, Signal can get you from initial strategy session to launch in as few as 90 days. In a process proven by a nearly 100-percent client approval rate over the past 10 years, Signal takes an integrated approach that involves concurrent development of all major communications campaign components in mock-up form. This ensures complete scalability of positioning, design and messaging across all target markets and media. Once the overall campaign approach is approved, content for each communications application is developed and revised through to approval for finalization and distribution. Our methodology combines strategic expertise, award-winning design and proven editorial excellence to deliver effective marketing programs across all communications media.

Exceed Your Business Objectives with Outsourced Marketing Services from Signal

Achieve in-depth marketing prowess overnight by outsourcing all or part of your marketing department functions to a world-class team of practitioners experienced in program design, management and optimization. As an outsourced marketing services provider, Signal works with you to build an overall campaign plan and budget, and then manages the execution of that plan from concept through to delivery. Areas of service include the following:

      • • Marketing programs, including relationship marketing, thought leadership and demand generation
      • • Trade show strategy, exhibit design and communications
      • • Seminar and event planning and support
      • • Print and online advertising
      • • Direct marketing
      • • Market research planning and execution
      • • Public relations support

Use Authoritative Thought Leadership Tools to Differentiate Your Offerings

To achieve category leadership today, companies must extend communications beyond high-level marketing collateral by venturing into the realm of authoritative white papers and strategic positioning articles. Thought leadership content is essential today for creating:

      • • A refined and formalized strategic vision
      • • Competitive differentiation and positioning
      • • A compelling business, financial and technology case for products or services
      • • Case studies and real-world proof points that establish credibility in the marketplace

Often, the raw materials for thought leadership content already exist inside the company. But, unfortunately, internal experts often lack the time and skill sets required to develop and produce comprehensive thought leadership materials.

Signal has produced a substantial, market-tested body of original white papers and articles for clients in a wide variety of subject areas, including technology; emergent behaviors; business processes; product, service and internal strategy; security; and social media. Under the direction of Mark Felton, Signal’s thought leadership team provides comprehensive support from concept to completion, including research, strategy development, writing, design and distribution.

Ensure the Success of Your Next Project with Signal’s Seasoned Practitioners

Ensure the success of your next branding, Web, interactive, print or direct marketing initiative with a distinctively compelling solution from Signal’s renowned team of designers, writers, programmers and production experts. Every member of the Signal team has more than a decade of experience. This pays off throughout the project lifecycle, from initial planning and concept approval to on-time/on-budget delivery.

        • • Product/corporate name and logo development
        • • Website development: content, design and programming
        • • Community site development
        • • Corporate and service/product literature development
        • • Flash interactive media programs and presentations
        • • Magazine and e-newsletter development
        • • User interface design
        • • Trade show exhibition design
        • • Direct marketing
        • • Advertising


  • "They’ll have a transformational impact on your business." - Ken Wolff, President & CEO, AffirmX
  • "Signal consistently challenges assumptions that others in their field might take for granted. As a result, they have always been a valued marketing partner and a source for great work and inspiration." - Mike Littman, Cofounder, Brainbench
  • "Signal played a critical role in helping me build a successful business 20 years ago, and has been an equally powerful partner in helping to conceive and launch Cafesano." - Paul Swinley, Founder, Cafesano
  • "Signal brings an exceptional set of skills and capabilities to every project they undertake. From strategy and design to programming and project execution, they operate as a finely tuned extension of your team." - Meg Robinson, Director of eMarketing, CEB/SHL Talent Measurement Solutions
  • "Signal has been a vital partner in helping us achieve our goals for reducing childhood obesity." - Lisa Guillerman Gable, President
  • "More than a name change, our new Personify brand projects the essence of our company’s reason-for-being in an emotionally compelling and relevant way. Signal has been an extraordinary partner in the rebranding process, providing innovative and responsive support from initial strategy and concept development through to a fabulous launch at our industry’s premier annual event" - Paul Gannon, VP Marketing, Personify Corp
  • "I worked with Signal at two different companies before enlisting their help in growing my own company, Rivet Logic. They have been a key enabler of our success in achieving double-digit growth every year since we started." - Mike Vertal, CEO and Founder, Rivet Logic
  • "Signal nailed each of the marketing objectives we set for them, but that’s not all. They have become an extremely valuable strategic partner and today function as an extension of our team." - John Dreyer, President and CEO,The Shelby Group